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A stunning carefully crafted design for a compact allotment.

Key Features
  • Carefully crafted façade
  • Large open plan
  • Curved façade design
  • Alfresco dining area

Floor Plan

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  • Width11.03m2
  • Depth21.45m2
  • Living139.9m2
  • Garage38.2m2
  • Porch5.5m2
  • Alfresco16.1m2
  • Total Area199.7m2

Other Information

At Bradford Homes, we firmly believe in making luxury accessible, even in single-storey homes. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Amalfi, our latest design that brings sophistication and grace within easy reach.

By harmoniously merging a curated selection of luxurious materials, including the timeless allure of timber, the enduring charm of stone, and the soft radiance of light brick, The Amalfi establishes a fresh benchmark for contemporary elegance. The graceful timber arch and the natural beauty of the concrete canopy combine to elevate the overall design to unprecedented heights. Rest assured, the Amalfi is a home you’ll cherish for years to come. As a leading new home builder in Adelaide, Bradford Homes remains dedicated to transforming your dream home into reality.