Our talented designers are always on the lookout for trends that they can use on our next project – it could be yours!

Stone – external wall cladding

  • Stone brings another layer of texture to the home’s exterior and overall feel.
  • Warm-toned stone can be paired with warm timbers/oak colours/black accents and lighter tones which bring a sense of layered earthy textures and looks.
  • Cool-toned stone can be paired with black details, mid-dark coloured timbers, and grey cool tones. It brings a sophisticated look in a modern way. Mixing these elements together creates a striking exterior.
  • For an upcoming project, we are using a cool coloured stone in cool grey tones, which has accents of warmth speckled throughout it. This gives a mix of warm and cool and pairs nicely with the black feature cladding and external selections.

Source: Tumbled Surfaces (Stone, Marco Random Ashlar Walling Selection)

External front façade cladding and exterior wall cladding

  • Brick doesn’t have to be boring!
  • A brick can be a feature, you don’t always have to use stone or timber cladding to create another layer to the homes overall look.
  • Soft coloured bricks with smooth surfaces are becoming more popular for an external feature, which can be used inside the home as well, to carry the exterior into the interior. Creating a connection to the outside in.
  • Stackbond is the pattern where the bricks are stacked directly on top of one another, creating a clean and sophisticated look.

Source: Austral Bricks (LHS: Stackbond example) (RHS: La Paloma, Castellana Brick Selection)

Wall Panelling

  • Wall Panelling is a way to create another layer of interest and detail to an interior space
  • This is a trend that is starting to become more popular and used in various (and sometimes unexpected) spaces of the home.
  • Panelling can be used as a feature bedhead with capping on top used as a shelf for smaller décor pieces or full wall panelling to the ceiling can create focus on the whole wall, creating a striking feature wall in lieu of using just paint.
  • Used in wet areas (laundry settings, bathrooms) there are limitless options when bringing in that extra bit of detail.

Supplier: Easy Craft – which can be purchased through Bunnings