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To achieve energy efficiency in your home, consider Bristile Roofing’s Light Collection Concrete tiles. These pale ‘cool roof’ tiles will reflect more heat away from your home, minimising the need to cool your interiors with air conditioning and artificial devices.

If chosen wisely, your roof can help you cut costs and minimise your carbon footprint. A ‘high albedo’ roof is one that minimises heat transfer both into the atmosphere and into the building. Creating a high albedo home is more simple than it sounds, and a great way to start is by choosing a cool, light-toned roof tile.

Bristile Roofing’s ‘Light Collection’ features 3 different, light-coloured roof tiles: Alabaster, Linen and Silver Gum. Each a natural, neutral tone, they will work with projects of all different scales and styles. The Alabaster tile is a lovely porcelain tone, soft and calming, it would be the ideal addition to a coastal or Hamptons style home. The Linen Roof Tile is the tone of a very washed, sage green or beige. Slightly warmer in colour than the Alabaster, this pale roof-tile would be a great choice for a country-style home. Finally, aptly named and reminiscent of the bark of its namesake, the Silver Gum tile is a fresh, modern, silver-toned roof tile, suitable for an industrial or modern style home.

Whilst it may seem too good to be true, a light-toned roof tile can have a significant impact on your home’s insulative capability. According to research undertaken by Yale University, “the systematic replacement of dark surfaces with white could lower heat wave maximum temperatures by 2 degrees Celsius or more”. White or light-toned roof tiles will help your home maintain a comfortable temperature all year through, with reduced cooling energy and the ability to minimise your home’s environmental impact, switching to a lighter-colour roof tile is proven to have significant long-term benefits.

Sonia Seneviratne, Swiss climate scientist, explains how during warm months, when the skies are less overcast, lighter land surfaces, “could help to lower extreme temperatures… by up to 2 or 3 degrees Celsius in much of Europe, North America, and Asia”. Furthering her research, she claims that “it could save lives, and the hotter it becomes, the stronger the effect.” With temperatures set to rise globally, deciding on a light roof tile will be an excellent investment in the future of your forever home, and for the future of our planet.

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