Michael Zaina, from Zaina Stacey Development Consultants, answers some of the most frequently asked questions they encounter when it comes to land division, and things that you should be thinking about before you purchase a block to subdivide.

The FAQs of land division.

How long does a land division into 2 allotments take to complete?

A typical land division will take approximately 5 to 6 months to complete through to new titles being created.

How much does it cost to subdivide into 2 allotments?

A division into 2 Torrens allotments will cost approximately $25,000. This includes new SA Water connections, all Government fees, Zaina Stacey fees and GST.

What is better – Community or Torrens title when subdividing for 3 or more properties?

Torrens title is the premium class of title in South Australia. If creating 3 long allotments with public road frontage then you would create Torrens titles as all allotments face the public road.

Community titles are typically created when allotments are accessed via a common driveway, and allotments do not have access to a public road, to connect new SA Water services. It is also possible to create the front allotment as Torrens as this has road frontage, and then the 2 rear allotments as Community titles.

What do I do if I have a large tree out the front of my property?

Trees are a major consideration when developing land. If you have a large tree in your yard, measure the circumference at 1.0 metre above natural ground level. If the circumference is under 2.0 metres, then there is no restriction to the development. If the tree is greater than 2.0 metres, and of a particular species, a Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) would apply to that tree.

Who organises the additional driveways?

The owner or Zaina Stacey can organise the driveways. This application is typically submitted when the houses are nearing completion. Zaina Stacey can assist with the new crossover driveway invert and construction. This application and plan can be submitted to Council for assessment and the application is called Section 221.

What things do I need to consider when subdividing my land (water meter, sewerage, services etc.)?

There are many factors to consider when assessing a development site. Always check the SA Water infrastructure around your development site within the street to ensure that new connections are available. The slope of the land may increase costs due to retaining walls. Trees on and around the site. Access to the new allotments. Zaina Stacey can review your site and advise of the likelihood of success and factors to consider.

Can I commence a subdivision if I haven’t settled on the land yet?

Yes, you can if you have passed cooling off and are ready to commence.

Can I start demolishing the existing house if the land division isn’t finalised?

You can demolish before the land division is approved providing you are confident that the land can be subdivided. If you have a building approval for buildings, then you will receive the land division approval and therefore you can demolish early.

When should I engage a builder – before or after I start the subdivision process?

In my opinion, you should review the development potential of your site first, then engage with a builder to position houses on the land. If you can’t subdivide then there is no need to engage a builder first.  Most people I speak with have already been looking at various building options.

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A Little Bit About Zaina Stacey

Zaina Stacey Development Consultants handle land division applications for many families, small to medium developers and large companies. They prioritise making the land division process as simple for you as possible, and since they only handle and specialise in land division applications, you can rest assured you are getting the right advice for your investment.

Zaina Stacey endeavour to foresee and advise you of the potential problems that may arise during your development. Furthermore, they will assist you with all facets of this process, including explaining and advising you of your requirements to achieve the result you seek.

Zaina Stacey is a premium service provider and manage many hundreds of division applications per year and this provides them with a vast knowledge base to work with and advise clients. They take great care to ensure that you receive the best possible advice and management of your investment, and you have direct access to them any time during the process.